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Capture computer screen and record audio

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Tool Version: 2.0.20

Tool Type: Shareware

Tool Cost In: 34.95 US$

Tool Target Platform: OS X

Tool OS Support: Mac OS X,

Limitations: The Free Trial version of TuneFab Screen Recorder only lets you save 3 minutes of each recording.

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Short Description:
TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac is a newly released software that can help you record online videos, software demonstrations, games, and screen activity with high output quality. What's more, it supports recording audio-only and has a useful editor.

Long Description 1:
TuneFab Screen Recorder allows you to record a custom area of your computer screen with high quality. This screen capturer has a multitude of uses, ranging from making video tutorials, recording online lectures, capturing gameplay to edit functions. You can choose to record your video on the full screen, a window, or a fixed-region area at will. Besides, it can record only audio from online streaming with the target or locked window.

Long Description 2:
For Mac users, it is hard to record online videos, screen activities, or microphones. Finding a practical tool to record screen on Mac is a no easy task. Luckily, here you meet with TuneFab Screen Recorder. It is a professional tool specially designed to help Mac users record screen activity, online videos, and streaming audios with an inbuilt editor to enhance your recordings. Below are the detailed features of this program. 1. Capture Specific Areas of a computer screen with the help of TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can record your screen activity and save the recordings to MP4 video format. Sound, screen annotations, and the cursor can also be included. What's more, you can customize the screen size to meet different demands. While recording for your video tutorial, you may also turn on its inbuilt audio recorder and record your commentary. 2. Record System and Microphone Audio Apart from recording video. TuneFab Screen Recorder also has a standalone audio recording mode that allows you to only record screen audio on your computer. In this case, you may take advantage of this function to record music, radio, or audiobook from some music streaming websites such as Spotify. You may also export the audio recording to the M4A format. 3. Take Screenshots with Hotkeys Enabled Even if you are not Recording. Simply set a shortcut and you may take a screenshot and immediately save the frames you need. The screenshot image quality is adjustable as well. 4. Customize Screencast Quality Before recording. The screen recorder offers you different options to set up frame rate, bitrate, and sample rate. 5. Detailed information about TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac The latest Version: V.2.0.26 Support System: Mac OS X 10.9 - Mac OS X 10.15 Support output formats: VideoM4V, MP4, MOV, GIF AudioM4A, CAF PhotoPNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF