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Tool Version: 3.8

Tool Type: Demo

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Tool OS Support: WinOther,Win98,Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,WinServer,WinVista

Limitations: Printing enabled in purchased version.

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Short Description:
Form 8949, Schedule D, Form 4797 and Form 6781 generation in minute using software. Do it yourself and give the report to your CPA to save money. Including tools for Exercise/Assign/Expire of Index and Equity Options.

Long Description 1:
TAPro generates 8949 forms, matches buys and sales into tax lots, manages multiple accounts and consolidates separate brokerage gain loss reports into one aggregate gain loss report. TAPro software is installed on the user’s computer, offing desktop performance and convenience. Users are able to generate their reports without the necessity of hiring an accountant to complete this work.

Long Description 2:
For 10 years active traders and leading tax professionals have placed trust in TAPro to simplify managing multiple accounts, manage options exercise/assign/expire, apply splits, reconcile trades and correctly generate gain/loss reports or a .TXF file for Tax Software. Some have used TAPro to find Form 1099 data errors worth $1,000s. Some Form 1099 and Schedule D errors are as large as $200K. This is part of our founder's story and a reason TAPro was created. You can import data for multiple years and multiple brokerages, then set a data range with a mouse click to report one tax year. Enter trades in any order and TAPro will instantly create tax lots (using FIFO) if the opening trades are before the closing trades. You can use the Groups/Display View = Change Groups to create manual grouping at any time with mouse clicks. Or change Long trades into Short trades to fix data issues from the Transactions/Display View = Positions - Reconciliation using right mouse while focused on the trade. You can edit a trade with a double click and modify the Cost Basis. TAPro includes a reconciliation wizard and tools for Short Sale, Options (close hundreds at a time), Market to Market, Corporate Actions and more. You can also export a transactions file, a symbol file or a corporate actions file, edit, then import corrections.