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Kill all annoyng pop-ups and banners

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Tool Type: Shareware

Tool Cost In: 11 US$

Tool Target Platform: Android

Tool OS Support: Android

Limitations: Trial

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Short Description:
You can easy run apps and web surf without being interrupted by annoying flashing ads. More security - Adlock prevents phishing attempts as it blocks all suspicious unwanted requests.

Long Description 1:
AdLock is an ad blocker for Android phone that needs no root access. Our ad remover is able to stop online advertisement from spreading everywhere in your applications, games, instant messages and browser. Furthermore, AdLock blocks all types of annoying commercial content, as pop up banner, flash banners, auto-start video, audio ads, text ads, malware infected ads and spyware.

Long Description 2:
Meet the best ad blocker for Android - With our ad stopper, you will get rid of ads no matter what you are using Skype, Viber or Google Chrome. - With the help of our ad remover for Android, you will save your mobile data and bandwidths as its firewall features can block unwanted internet access to different applications. - Every time, you try to reach a suspicious website, AdLock will first check its URL to find out whether it contains malicious software, and if so, youll get a warning pop up. - AdLock filters HTTPS connections. - Our ad blocker for Android apps and browsers provides regular reports with the number of deleted threats and amount of saved traffic. AdLock is an effective tool in a war for the internet free of ads. Adlock is the best pop up blocker for Android as it doesnt just remove online commercials but expands your battery life. If you have doubts, deactivate it for one day and see the difference. So, if you want to remove ads from entertaining websites like Reddit or YouTube, ad blocker for Android, AdLock, is your choice