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All comprehensive parental control on Mac OS

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Tool Version: 5.0

Tool Type: Freeware

Tool Cost In: 0 US$

Tool Target Platform: OS X

Tool OS Support: Mac OS X

Limitations: No limitations

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Short Description:
Kidinspector is the leading software for complete parental control on Mac computers. It logs keystrokes, makes screenshots, monitors Internet activity, social networks and messengers, broadcasts screen and webcam live, records video/audio and more.

Long Description 1:
Kidinspector is a perfect solution for parents who want to keep an eye on their children's activity on their Mac computers. It provides complete parental control thanks to the great variety of features: tracking Internet activity, monitoring social networks and chats, visited URLs and search queries, keystrokes logging, live broadcast of the screen and webcam and more. All information can be viewed remotely in a secure account on a cloud server.

Long Description 2:
Worried about your children's activity on the Internet? There is a solution! KidInspector is an all-comprehensive way to control your child's activity on Mac computers. It provides a wide range of features to cover all bases and tracks everything the child does on the computer, such as all pressed keys, running apps and makes screenshots of all active applications. Moreover, the program monitors the child's Internet activity, such as visited websites, searches, social networks like Facebook and Twitter. More than that, KidInspector tracks chats in instant messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and others. Are you worried that your child can stumble upon an inappropriate website? Block the danger beforehand with the Site Blocker feature. You can blacklist unwanted sites by URL, keyword or block whole categories like Adult, Shopping, etc. Your child is supposed to do his or her homework right now but you are not quite sure if he or she is really doing it? View the screen of your child's computer live or use the live broadcast from the webcam to make sure your child is preparing for that crucial term test tomorrow. Additionally, KidInspector can capture snapshots, record video and audio from the computer's webcam and microphone. You can set up recording by timer or certain child's action, thus turning the program into a simple home surveillance system. All recorded information is presented in the form of text, images and convenient graphs along with recorded videos and audio in your secure online account on a cloud server. You can access your secure account remotely anytime from any device anywhere all over the world. Even if you are far away from home, you can always make sure your child is safe on the Internet. Not quite tech-savvy? Don't worry! The program is simple and easy to use. Basic computer skills are enough to install and set it up. All these features make KidInspector a complete all comprehensive and user-friendly software for parental monitoring.