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Mac drive monitoring and protection utility.

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Tool Version: 5.2.1

Tool Type: Freeware

Tool Cost In: 0 US$

Tool Target Platform: OS X

Tool OS Support: Mac OS X

Limitations: Can only use monitoring tool DrivePulse to warn of issues, cannot perform maintenance or repairs

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Short Description:
Drive Genius Lite offers malware detection in addition to monitoring the health of your hard drives, so that you can be aware of issues before they cause serious problems. It can detect physical issues, corruption, fragmentation, and more.

Long Description 1:
Drive Genius Lite monitors drive performance, protects data, and provides easy-to-use yet powerful features for your needs. Drive Genius automatically monitors your drives integrity and performance characteristics, and recommends utilities to repair or optimize detected issues. Its capabilities go beyond other drive utilities with advanced physical and data integrity checking, including heuristic failure prediction.

Long Description 2:
Drive Genius Lite is an essential Mac protection software that offers a variety of features and utilities designed to clean up, speed up, and protect your computer. The main way Drive Genius protects your Mac is through its DrivePulse monitoring feature. DrivePulse will run in the background even when the software is closed, and automate drive integrity testing and malware scans for all drives connected to the computer. It will only run tests when the computer is idle to minimize performance impact on the computer when in use, and can even warn you of potential drive failure before it occurs. Drive Genius Lite will recommend certain utilities based on detected ssues including: Defragment: Optimize your drive for maximum performance. Speed: Test optimal raw drive speed. Find Duplicates: Find and remove duplicate files. Find Large Files: Find and remove unused large files. Clone: Create an exact copy of your drive. Secure Erase: Wipe drives, files and folders using a pattern of your choice. Initialize: Prepare drives for use with macOS. Repartition: Advanced drive space management. IconGenius: Set a custom icon for a drive or folder. Information: Detailed information about drive characteristics and structure. BootWell: Create a secondary startup drive that can be used to maintain, repair, or recover your primary startup drive. Instant DrivePulse: Run the most common DrivePulse tests manually. Malware Scan: Scan drives for malware. Physical Check: Check for hardware problems like a damaged drive. Consistency Check: Check for drive/data corruption. Repair: Repair a corrupted drive. Rebuild: Rebuild the folder structure of a drive. Active Files: Determine what applications have files/folders open on a drive. With all these features available in the purchasable Drive Genius, youll be able to keep your Mac protected and running smoothly.