Coordinate Rotation Calculator For CORDEX Domains

The CORDEX domains are defined as rectangles in rotated-pole coordinates in. A domain has to lie inside the RCM interior computational domain, i.e. in the area left once the relaxation zone is excluded. If you want to rotate your regular coordinate based on CORDEX domains so you can use the coordinate rotator for your domain. Then you can use rlat/rlon to read data from the main variable such as pr, tasmax, tas,...

This tool can convert non-rotated coordinate to rotated coordinate and vice versa. The pivot of rotations is based on CORDEX domains(or you can change it). For extracting data from CORDEX netcdf files, you should convert your regular coordinate to rotated coordinate by this tool and then extract your data by using rotated coordinate and rlat/rlon variables in your file. You can extract data by any language programming or you can use Netcdf Extractor in this website.

Name: Sohrab Kolsoumi