The MOD16A2 Version 6 Evapotranspiration / Latent Heat Flux product is an 8-day composite dataset produced at 500 meters (m) pixel resolution. The MODIS MOD16 global evapotranspiration product can be used to calculate regional water and energy balance, soil water status; hence, it provides key information for water resource management. With long-term ET data, the effects of changes in climate, land use, and ecosystems disturbances (e.g. wildfires and insect outbreaks) on regional water resources and land surface, energy change can be quantified.

The MOD16A2 data are each 8-day in one file. So, if you want to download this data for several years, you should consume more time for this process. Mod16A2 Downloader can download Mod16A2 HDF files consecutive.

Name: Sohrab Kolsoumi